This page will help you to find out, what´s new on "www.schwimmauto.de". Some of you may visit this page regulary to get the updated version of the amphibious car list, to have a look at the market place or to get a new toys list. It may be difficult sometimes to find out the newly listed vehicle out of the over 170 cars now. To make it more easy in the future this page records all changes. Of course it will cover 3 months updates only, otherwise it will become a whole website on its own, but it will be a great help for every frequently visitor.

Update 5th December 2004 

Update 21st June 2004 

Update 3rd March 2004

Update 26th October 2003

Update 18th September 2003

Update 11th September 2003

Update 30th May 2003

Update 2 February 2003

Update 16th January 2003

Update 17th November 2002

Update October 2002

Update 21st January 2002

Update 1st January 2002

Update 22nd December 2001

Update 21st September 2001