Here are the latest news from the amphibious szene:

Searoader attacks Duttons position to be the only UK manufacturer of amphibious cars
Mike Ryan presents the new Searoader, an improved version of the old version. It finally now is in production and available as plans, kit or ready made vehicle. Customizing is possible. Based on Landrover components Ryan starts competition with UK amphibious car producer Tim Dutton. But the Searoader may have the environmental disadvantage of a missing bilge: The engine compartment is open for water to get in touch with the vehicles engine. A bilge upgrade will be hopefully available soon!
Anyway the searoader website is updated:

17.5. 2005
Gibbs hopes to sell HSA patents to automobile industry
Due to the fact one has not heard from the HSA Aquada project for such a long time, rumours started. Faced with those rumours Gibbs Technology pointed out that they are a product research and developing company only and the Aquada was never meant to be sold to customers. In fact 60 cars were built as demonstration vehicles to be presented, exhibited and demonstrated on Automobile or Boat shows around the world, but no car was released to customer. These vehicles have prooved the advanced HSA technolgy and reliability and with the Aquada Gibbs Technology can offer a ready made product to interested manufacturer. Now Gibbs Technology is going to sell the HSA patents to the automobile industry, who will use this technolgy for future SUVs.

Sir Richard Branson has set the record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle. 
He drove into the Guinness Book of Records on Monday in the Warwickshire-built Gibbs Aquada, crossing in one hour, 40 minutes and six seconds.

28.5.2004 New Gibbs Humdinga shown on Birmingham Motorshow. Prices of Aquada halfed.
Gibbs Technologies presented their new 4WD prototype HSA at Birmingham Motorshow. The car is still in prototype stage but will go into production very soon. Same time the prices of their earlier model Aquada is now halfed down from 150.000,-GBP to 75.000,-GBP only!

16.2.2004 An amphibious car that can fly

A new invention in HSA technology is realised by Swiss company Rinspeed ( Frank Rinderknecht built the first amphibious Automobil that can even fly over water. The trick: It got foldable hydrofoil wings which enables a top speed of over 50mph. It is a concept car only and no production is planed, but it prooves that such system is working well. The engine powered by natural gas and got about 140hp only.
For more details visit:

25.10.2003 Watercar Inc. increasing development work
The Amphibian project of Newport Beach California has a name: WaterCar. And the man behind that project is Dave March. Caused by the worlds wide attention they received their successful prototype is now under development work to get intolimited quantities production in the future. Interesting March  is offering the WaterCars as a finished turn-key version or  a complete rolling chassis version less engine, which certainly will drop the price.
For any further current information WaterCar Inc. have now started their website:

Contact Dave March through or email.

24.10.2003 Searoader in production soon
Mike Ryans Searoader (see below) has now found a producer: Rob Andrews from Bideford/Devon is now improving Mikes design to production standards. Searoader Cars (UK) is hoping to start production by end of this year and is already taking orders. Here are their latest news release:
"Production of our first demonstrator is starting in November and should be on the water by January 2004. We will be taking orders for January production. The SeaRoader has changed from the prototype. Mike has changed a lot of things and I am sure the final product will be a success.
We are planning six models in the initial range. Short and long wheel base 4x4 versions will be complemented by a long wheel base 6x6. All models are diesel powered and available in either single or double cab.
Prices range from £19990 to £26000."

More information at or contact Andrew via email.

3.9.2003 First High-Speed-Amphibian (HSA) released to public

Do you remember the pictures of the High-Speed-Amphibian (HSA) prototype from summer 2001 (see below)? Gibbs Technology has used the last two years to develope their vehicle ready to take it into production. On the third of September it was shown to the public in London. The world press saw a 100mph sports car taken into water and planing on surface with 30mph. You probably saw it on TV. Read more about the press release.
Gibbs is going to build 100 cars in a limited James-Bond-edition till end of this year. It is a true dream machine, but unfortunately with a dream price: You can order your "Aquada" when you are willing to spend 230.000 US$.
Videodownload (750 kb)
For more details visit:,,5010-2638679,00.html

23.7.2003 WaterCar Inc. announces its successful completion of their first prototype
There are news about the mysterious red car below. On the 23rd July WaterCar Inc. in California sent in an email. It says:
"WaterCar Inc. announces its successful completion of their first prototype high performance amphibious vehicle capable of going speeds of 100+ MPH on land and 35+ MPH on water.
 The fiberglass amphibious vehicle is based on a 2002 Convertible Camero body style.  It is powered by a rear mounted high performance 2.5 liter engine capable of producing 300 H.P. along with a Berkeley jet drive and place diverter.  Itsí four-wheel independent suspension retracts by a single switch for the water mode operation.  The center-mounted removable ski pole along with the wake it creates make it ideal for wakeboarding or skiing.  This sporty four-seater makes it possible to drive to the lake, experience an exhilarating boat ride and drive back home again without ever leaving your car.
 WaterCar, Inc. is looking into the feasibility of producing the car in kit form."
WaterCar, Inc. can be reached

See also:

Amphicar reclaimed after 16 years
Read the incredible story about the salvage of a sunken Amphicar, sitting there on the bottom of muddy river Bowl since sinking 1987.,1413,101~7514~1444376,00.html#

9.5.2003 Top Secret: New High Speed Amphibian under development
This information comes from Ron Costa - thanks Ron. He has investigated a truly interesting Amphibian project at Newport Beach California. Apart from these two pictures no information is allowed to get public as the vehicle is still in the "Top Secret" stage, but it is said doing 30knots and being ready for production. However the developing company seems to be a bit unsure if there is a market for this. There certainly is! Watch this:

17.11.2002 No stop for this car
David Chapman may be the only one in the Worcester (UK) area, who puts a big smile on floods.

18.8.2002 THW Duck on rescue mission in Dresden floods
articles of Century flood in East-Germany including THW Amphibian in action. The Polish red cross helped out with two additional Russian amphibious trucks. German only.

2.7.2002 Amphicar stranded in white water river
An amphibious vehicle is stranded on some rocks in the Delaware River near New Hope. Willard Syx of Mays Landing, N.J., drove his Amphicar into the Delaware River on Sunday night, and he and two passengers had to be airlifted from the vehicle after it became stuck in the mouth of th wing dam. (Photo: Ophelia Lenz)

 Meanwhile the Amphicar is winched out. The end of the story can be read at:

23.6.2002 Amphibus sunk in Canada
Actually 4 people (2 adults + 2 children) were killed in a terrible accident in Ottawa / Canada. A sightseeing amphibious bus called "Lady Duck" has sunk in harbour area.

The accident not only has caused the companys liquidation, but started up a big safety discussion about the amphibious tour operations. It looks like this will probably now have an effect to all buisnesses running such vehicle. Especially because this last accident is not one of its kind:

Read about the discussion:

June 2002 Chinese Amphibian may find US investors
US company Earthwheels may import Chinese Baiyun amphibious vehicles. The recent prototype is built up on an Isuzu chassis, but for the US market an amphibious version of the Jeep Wrangler is appreciated.
Well, one will have to see if this vehicle can pass US safety and pollution regulations...

9.12.2001 New UK amphibious car released - The Searoader
The Dutton Mariner is not any longer the only roadlegal amphibious car in production. Mike Ryan, well experienced by quite a number of different amphibious vehicles he built in the past, now constructed a new kind of kitcar based on Range Rover chassis. Find information at:

18.7.2001 From roadster to speedboat
A research company in the UK has developed an amphibian vehicle that can achieve fast speeds on both land and on water, which is expected to be released later this year.

14.1.2001 Last amphibious Police car retires
WIESBADEN (GERMANY) - Hessen police has retired its last amphibious patrol vehicle. The car based at Lake Eder and Lake Diemel in North Hessen is now parked in the Marburg Police Museum, reported the Wiesbaden police department yesterday. Service and maintainance of the in 1987 in very limited numbers produced amphibian was simply getting too expensive for their low budget.
Now the police has to use a small boat instead, that is trailed to water.
The amphibian car (Amphiranger) was definately more fun. It even enabled the officers to open the vehicles doors while driving on water.
Original text in German only:

The Hessen police actually had two Amphiranger in service. The shown 1987 model - which is now exhibited in the museum - and a very early 1984 model which was sold on auction after retiring. Both cars serviced in Wiesbaden for very long time to follow up the two Amphicars job of the mid 60s to the end 70s!

5.4.2000 Restored Amphiranger back on Rescue operations

February 2000  Expedition crossing the Bering Strait
An amphibian expedition is planed - the crossing of the Bering Strait by leaving of Strasbourg and by returning there. Is a real tour of the world of more than 25000 kilometres with for main difficulties the crossings of Siberia and Alaska.
Wintry period is the most convenient to this kind(genre) of trip for evident reasons of progress on frozen ground. That is why the date of departure is foreseen in March, 2000 with a return envisaged at about May, 2000

However the expedition was a bit unsuccessful, the Amphiranger is brought back to dry and right under restauration for the next try. (2002)