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Bazooo 6 wheel Amphibious Vehicle for sale.


MARCH 2011.

Well, too many projects and not enough time so I've decided to sell my Bazooo.

It's collection only from Worcester UK (200 miles from Dover) but the size of it means there might be some land shipment options using a service such as Shiply.com.  I might be able to deliver within about 50 miles.


The Bazooo was made in Canada in 1970. A rare vehicle, sometimes called a Bazoo but the correct name has 3 "O"s  I believe this are only 3 in the UK. This one was first used on a shooting estate in Scotland for retrieving game from the moors. It may have even been road registered, there is evidence of registration plates and lights and there is a catagory for the Bazooo on the UK Licencing computer but I don't have any paperwork. (Road registration is the only significant error in the road test copied below)

The engine is a tuned Snowmobile engine, I'm told it was powerful enough for it to pull wheelies ! There are some spare wheels and tyres and between those and the ones on it there should be enough to get it running on all 6 wheels. Chassis is fine, no significant rust, chains and gears look OK but the wheel bearings need replacing, two have collapsed to the point that the tyres have rubbed on the fibreglass body and caused small holes which'll need fixing.

It's all there and simple so main jobs would be a bit of fibreglass patching (and paint if required) then mechanically source and fit some new wheel bearings. Pump up the tyres, maybe fill some with that auto puncture repair stuff but they run at low presure so should be OK. Finally, cleaning and bolt it all back together.

Added bonus, I registered the domain name Bazooo.com when I bought it and that will go to the buyer.  Email any questions.

Children below are for scale, they are not included !

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David Chapman 7 April 2011.

I've just started the Bazooo, video clip on youtube here. It has an electric starter (which of course needs a battery) but as it's magneto based all I needed to do was rig up a gravity fed fueltank (old shampoo bottle) set the choke, pull the starter cord and off it went. The clutch and gearbox seem to work fine but I can't fully test them.










Road Test, copyright Motor Magazine 1971.



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