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Click here for the 40th year celebrations of Amphicar Club Berlin

Meeting Sir Stirling Moss to discuss Amphicars





Pictures, Feb 2009



"So - bet you don't use it in the rain ?"  - Err, yes I do.

"but you wouldn't take it in the water ?"  - Err, yes I would.

"guess you only use it in the summer ? - Err no...

In fact Amphicar is superb in the snow - better that many modern 4x4s.  It has a very high ground clearance and if the snow is more than a foot deep the the boat shaped bottom helps it slide over - the thin tyres with all the weight over the rear wheels cut through the snow and get good traction. The low first gear and super smooth clutch helps it keep traction and of course great visibility !    Only thing that lets it down is the heater which doesn't have a lot of power so hat, gloves and coat are needed.





The Paris houseboat picture - April 2007

A lot of people have asked how it gets on and off. Not very clear in the picture but there are ramps kept underneath the car that are used, I asked a friend who lives in Paris about the car and he told me the following:

The amphicar in Paris is owned by Undersea Architect and visionary Jacques Rougerie. Its a 1964 and he has had it for about 15 years.
It was restored in France, with all of the parts being purchased from Hugh Gordon in California. Jacques and I have cruised the Champs-Elysee many times in it, but Ive yet to take it in the Seine. It has some very unique cleats above the front wheel wells. I have no idea where they came from, but they look great.

The boat that it sits on is a Pineche, or French river barge that has been converted to his home and office. Inside, he has an aquarium full of lake sturgeon which you can actually dive into and hang out in a bell. The rest of Jaques daily life is equally as interesting.






Cameron driving Johns Amphicar on Lake Mirimar, California, December 2006



This is UK Amphicar number 2, it needs "some minor recommisioning"


This picture shows pipe and cable routing on the RHD car




During the filming of Salvage Squad for TV in Nov 2003


Up the river to my home town, Upton upon Severn.


This is a Swiss Amphicar, spot the difference !




Can you... Oh yes you can !


This picture taken in Hamburg harbour at a German club meet - I don't know by who so please don't copy or use.



NEW - Pictures from the Amphicar Club Berlin 40th anniversary treffen.  here.

Flood Pictures:  We get a lot of flooding in South Worcestershire, North Gloucestershire

Amphicar Italia:  Club meeting in Italy, May 2002, 120 pictures viewable as thumbnails !

Amphicar pictures 1:  Pictures 

Amphicar pictures 2:  More pictures

Amphicar pictures 3:  Yes, more pictures !

Amphicar pictures 4:  The German pictures

Amphicar pictures 5:  The Celina pictures

Pictures of UK Amphicar number 2:  Makes the Titanic look like a concours contender ! Poor old number 2 has just about dissolved away.


Amphicar to the rescue

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