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The wonderful world of the Amphicar.

Welcome to our web footed corner of the Interweb where we share information about the Amphicar and all things amphibious.

What's new in May 2015 ?

Well, it's this site. Finally I've given the old Amphicar pages a serious and long overdue tickle after almost 20 years old of service and this is the result. More content will be added soon but have a noodle down the menus on the left and let me know if anything you expect to see here is missing.

Other big news this month is Disney. I never thought that mouse thing would catch on so it's good to see they are beginning to rebrand their Orlando theme park around the Amphicar. (Well sort of). More about that here

Totally new to Amphicars? Just go down the menus on the left - or read this great Amphicar article from the Petrolicious People



Note, this website is written in UK English, if you get stuck our mates in the States at effingpot have a handy UK English - American English translation: