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An Amphibious welcome to our web footed web site

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Amphicar owners might find something useful in the technical section.  If you would like to buy an Amphicar, there might be something in the rather sparse for sale section. The picture section now contains the links that were here, everything from rusty wrecks to full fun floaters that go up and down the river dodging the worm danglers.


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April 2014. Just for clarity.. I have no involvement with the Amphicar featured in the currently airing "Wheeler Dealers" UK TV show. It is not and was not my car and I was not involved in any of the work done to the car. I was approached by the show producers to take part on more than one occasion in recent months but declined.  I mention it here because someone with the same name as me is listed in the credits of the current series which has already caused a misunderstanding  !

Regarding this genre of show, it needs to be remembered they are just that - shows. The primary aim is to produce entertaining and captivating TV so your eyeballs are available to advertisers for 16 minutes an hour. A secondary aim is to build a formulaic franchise to sell to broadcasters around the world and thirdly, if the show gains “traction”, to expand the franchise with merchandise and events.

Whilst they can be entertaining to watch, (and certainly more so than another show about fishing), these shows do not accurately represent the challenges and costs of owning and maintaining classic cars. Much work is done off-camera and products and services, some of dubious value, are donated and promoted. Worst of all, for "entertainment", the producers will regularly introduce fake drama and jeopardy, often to the detriment of the vehicles and owners - I really don't like that !

If you believe an Amphicar, or any other classic vehicle, is right for you then you should confirm that by your own research and due diligence – not by taking seriously the content of a TV show!

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